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The purpose of this section is to provide highlights and noteworthy appearances of US Asians/APA's on television shows and films. This includes people on both sides of the camera from actors, directors, writers, special effects personnel, camera people and producers.


On the first week of July, discover the talents of people such as

  • Richard Chew in Star Wars
  • Lucy Liu in Ally McBeal,
  • Jackie Chan in Rush Hour
  • John Lone in the Last Emperor,
  • MTV's Real World
  • Ming Tsai in "East Meet West,"
  • Brandon Lee in "Showdown in Little Tokyo, "
  • Keanu Reeves performing with Dogstar
  • Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4,
  • Ming Na in Street Fighter
  • Tia Carriere in Relic Hunter
  • Lisa Ling in "The View" and
  • Amy Hill in Strip Mall and others.

On the second week of July, view on television the acting skills of

  • Chris Tashima's Visa and Virtues
  • Suzy Nakamura in the West Wing/Daddio,
  • Sandra Oh in Arli$$,
  • an interracial marriage in Disney's Johny Tsunami,
  • Susan Maruyama in Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys and
  • b.d. Wong in Oz!

On the third week of July, view on television the acting skills of

  • Lisa Ling on the View
  • George Takei on Star Trek
  • Phillip Ahn on MASH

On the fourth week of July, view on television the acting skills of

  • Garrett Wang in Star Trek: Next Generation
  • Amy Hill on Strip Mall
  • Dean Cain on "It's Incredible"


Ratings and market share are the "bottom line" that the entertainment companies judge what programs are on and/or off television.

We need to support the new programming that displays accurate imagery that is being produced and support past viable programs - as we are the best judges. If we, as a community, don't support this type of programming - no one else will.


Additional information on the shows can be found at ClickTV/ TV Guide Online and TV Quest


Information from listings on the major network television stations (i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), cable stations (i.e. HBO, ShowTime, CineMax, Lifetime, Sci-Fi, PAX, A&E, etc.), "Super Stations" (i.e. UPN, WGN, TNT, TBS), PBS shows, etc. from many resources will be listed. Visit the websites listed below for specific information on shows of interest.


Every month, this column features four Asian Pacific American artists for your review and consideration.

LOUNG UNG - She is a survivor of Khmer Rouge's Killing Fields! Loung Ung was 5 when the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. Both her father, who worked in the Royal Cambodian Secret Service, and her mother were killed by the regime. In 1980, Loung escaped to Thailand with her brother and sister-in-law. Today, Loung is a spokeswoman for the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation's Campaign for a Landmine Free World. Loung recalled her survival from the Khmer Rouge and touched on the legacy of Pol Pot in her book. Discover some of the horrors that existed during the "Killing Fields" by clicking HERE.

DJ HONDA - This great d.j. first made his artistry known in the hip hop world at the '92 DJ Battle For World Supremacy where he was the as a runner-up! From turntablist to producer, dj honda has been turning the heads of the hip-hop and rap worlds while proving that he is hear to stay. It is that reputation and respect that has allowed him to be a judge at most of the International Turntablist Federation (ITF) championships held all over the world.

This Hokkaido Japan native started by playing guitar in an American influenced rock band. To stay alive, he began dj'ing and became fascinated with hip hop music and various turntable techniques, including something that he became fascinated with - scratching! His talent led to premiere gigs in Tokyo's largest clubs, radio stations and provided opportunities to remixed tracks for local record companies. His c.d.'s featured great artists such as Guru, DJ Premier, Redman, Sadat X/Grand Puba, De La Soul, L.O.D.'s 50 Grand, KRS-One, Doe-V, The Beatnuts, Al' Tariq, Cuban Link and Mos Def who recognized his gifts. He now has an independent record label, dj honda RECORDINGS that is distributing all his c.d.'s.

L.A. CAR POOLS - a soulful Filipina fronting a phat-sounding salsa band that is driven with rock and roll energy with trumpet exclamation points, can this be possible? From Spanish to English, from hyper energetic to pulsating Marc Anthony-like arrangements, from Santana-type searing guitar lines to acoustic flamenco 6-string magic - combined with Faith Rivera's sultry vocals, a prime example of how diversity can work great in music is heard. Check out their first c.d. to experience their magic.

JAMES WONG HOWE - Chinese American cinematographer James Wong Howe (1899-1976) photographed more than 100 movies and won two Academy Awards. Highlights include his work in Yankee Doodle Dandy (one of Hollywood's greatest musicals about George M. Cohan played by James Cagney in 1942), Hud (featuring Paul Newman) featured his work with its stark locations and Rose Tattoo where he won his first Academy Award for cinematography based on his use of low light and his representation of ornate interiors. (1942). List of films that he has participated in can be found HERE.

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